You might have found this website from an invitation from me, Headmaster Russell Star. If you did, congratulations! You are now in Starlight School of Elemental Sorcery. Please take the quiz below to determine your element.

1)       What type of dragon would you have?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                 a.Fire        b.Earth        c.Ice        d.Lightning      e.Dark
 2)       What spells are coolest?
                                                                 a.Incendio        b.Glacius         c.Electricio         d.Flipendo        e.Avada Kedavra

3)       How will you defeat a death eater?
                                                                 a.Burn him till he wants to be in azkaban.    b.Trap him in a rock till the ministry comes.
                                                                 c.Freeze him and bring him to jail.   d.Zap him.        e.Kill Him
4)       What pet will you have?
                                                                 a.Dragon        b. Cat        c. Phoenix        d.Serpent       e.Arcomantula (Giant Spider)
5)       What house will you be in?
                                                                 a.Dragonfire  b.Wolffang  c.Cobracob  d.Phoenixclaw   e.Bansheewing

Results:        If most of your answers were red, you are fire.        If most of your answers were brown, you are earth.        If most of your answers were blue, you are lightning.        If most of your answers were bluish white, you are ice.   If most of your answers were black, you are death.

Plus, choose the classes you want to take in this list. Elements will always be one of everyone's classes.

Transfiguration           yes     no

Charms                       yes     no

Potions                       yes     no

Divination                   yes     no

Sports                         yes     no

Herboligy                     yes     no

Alchemy                       yes     no

Astronomy                    yes     no

DADA                           yes     no

History of Magic           yes     no  

Runes                          yes     no

You must have at least an A on your O.W.L.s Test to have a chance at Alteration.


Luis Dragonfire- Fire, Transfiguration/Conjuration, CharmsEarth

Joshua Phoenixclaw- Ice, Potions, Astronomy, Alchemy

Noah Wolffang- Lightning, DADA, Divination, Sports

James BansheewingDeath, RunesHerboligyHistory


Maria Duarte- Fire

Madison Neff- Ice

Kahlil Yarbrough-Ice

Allison Naglieri- Lightning

Jason Williams- Earth

Kenzie Jordan- Lightning

Jackey Weng- Fire

Evan Treveer- Death

Armen Nostrant- Earth

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  Starlight is located at my house. See you there on weekends!

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