Okay, keep ALL of this info SECRET. We can't have this top secret info distributed EVER.If it gets into wrong hands, our clubs could be ruined. Also, Club Nothing only gives plans in meetings and NOT on the internet.

 S.C.I. is in another war against S.A.U. Help us win SW2 (Spy War 2)!

 Lego Team is now called the Nexus Force and still will help with any problem except idiotic ones.

A.P. has started back up with business!

S.U. (Spies Unit) has ended.

A.F.A. has joined SW2 and is in need of more agents to help!

S.P.A. is currently helping others in need. Talk to Luis D. and give us a case to solve!

To join these clubs, talk to the leaders listed below.

 Special Police Agency- Luis Duarte

Air Force Academy- Joshua Hubbard

Awesome Police- James Comotto

Nexus Force- Russell Williams 

Secret Crime Investigators- Joshua Hubbard

Club Nothing- James Comotto

SW2 Journal- Day 17

 We have safely placed our lasers in the HQ secret weapons vault. Now we must deploy our spy Josh Hubbard to receive  the satellite plans and recover the suits that S.A.U. stole. We have the advantage at the time and we'll use it well.  We must carry out this plan and win the war!

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